SAFE: Soldiers And Families Embraced is the result of a merger between The Lazarus Project and SAFE.  The Lazarus Project began as a ministry of the APSU Wesley Foundation when the Director began seeing students who were connected to military who were struggling because of the stress of a protracted (now 12 years long) war in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Rates of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), alcohol and drug abuse, traumatic brain injury (TBI), spouse and child abuse were also higher than any other military post because more than 20 percent of those deployed to these wars came from Fort Campbell.  Many stayed in the area to use their GI Bill benefits or because the cost of living was reasonable.


     Because of the problems listed above related to frequent and long deployments and an unusually high suicide rate on Fort Campbell, KY, which is adjacent to Clarksville, most of the mental health workers on post were busy with active duty personnel and so family members and veterans could find few resources on post.  With an initial grant from the United Methodist Church and an in-kind donation of space, utilities and the Director's salary, a counseling program was established.


     In December of 2011, the Lazarus Project merged with SAFE, founded by Rebecca Townsend, SrLPE,  LPC, in 2007.


     This program offers FREE and CONFIDENTIAL individual and group counseling, social services support and community education.


For more information, visit Safe Network