Future Interns


     The SAFE Program and APSU Wesley Foundation both accept interns for a variety of majors, including social work, psychology, marketing, public relations, worship and music.  We are in the business of discovering, developing and deploying leaders of all ages and with a variety of gifts and callings.


For more information, first contact your college department to ask about their requirements and process.


     We have worked with several colleges and universities for interns.  We do not pay our interns and any internship will be contingent upon being able to secure the proper supervision, i.e., a MSW for social work graduate students, the need and the number of applicants.  In the SAFE program, we give preference to students with a military connection.


     If you want to apply to intern with us AND you have researched the information and requirements from your department/college for internships, please send your request for an appointment and explain in what field you would like to intern, your resume and the information you have from your school to apsuwesley@aol.com for the Wesley and

 info@thesafenetwork.org for SAFE.